There are a lot things to consider when going for a computing device; either a desktop computer or a laptop. It actually depends on your need for the device as three major things come to play and they include: the screen for large display, the RAM size for the optimum speed and memory for the space to save the documents and projects you might have going on. The desktop computer is the ideal device to get when you are in a stationary and permanent workstation, with the desktop you are able to get the best a computer has to offer because you get a much bigger screen than the laptop and it is equipped with a capable CPU that ensures the performance of the device is at its best. The RAM and memory space of a desktop is usually easily upgraded, meaning by the time the current memory space is exhausted, you can have it upgraded and your work continues without any stress. The computing brands that produce desktop computers include Hp, DELL, Toshiba & more. Other peripherals that would make operations go smoothly include an all-in-one printer that includes a photocopier, a printer, and a scanner. Gone are the days where you have the 3 machines differently because we at Konga know what is right for you and we don’t want you to go through any stress at all that is why we urge to always shop online with us.

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